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Selected Vibe Genius X7000 Puffs

Vape products mimic the actions of airplane turbines by allowing the internal alloy mesh coils to heat e-juice after 1.1 seconds, that’s 50% faster than the traditional vape devices on the market.

Each device uses mechanisms that glide air instead of pulling air, this means smooth, cloud-like draws for optimum taste and flavor.

The alloy mesh coils work in tandem to provide 30% more vapor production than the heated wire found in older vape models.

Selected Vibe vape products are almost silent when used, with no popping or bubble sounds, just a calm, clean use every time. Imagine a dense flavor pack cloud entering and leaving your mouth; that is the exact experience we aim for.

Mesh wire inside provides amazing flavor . Appropriate 7w Power range make product more durable.

Package Includes :

550 mAH Battery Capacity Device . 18mL of Juice . 5% Nicotine salt .

Type C- Cable Charger

Selected Vibe Genius X7000 Puffs

SKU: SKU 234644
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$15.99Sale Price