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Embark on a truly elevated cannabis experience with Modus Presidential Blend Gummies 5000mg, a fusion of premium THC-A Liquid Diamonds, Pegasus Delta 8, and THC-V. 

Modus Presidential Gummies have set a new standard in the industry, combining cutting-edge extraction techniques with the finest all-natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality and potency in every bite. These rapid action gummies were created using nanotized extraction methods so that you can enjoy the buzz better and faster.

Product Features
- Ingredients: Pegasus Delta 8, THC-A Liquid Diamonds, THC-V
- Strength: 5000mg per bag, 250mg per gummy.
- Size: Each bag contains 20 gummies. 
- Made With US-Grown Hemp
- Third-Party Lab Tested

Modus Presidential Blend Gummies 5000mg