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Discover a convenient and discreet way to enjoy THC with the Chronic THCa Disposable by Chronic Hemp. This disposable vaporizer is filled with premium raw THCa extract and natural terpenes, offering a flavorful and aromatic experience without the negative effects of smoking.


Premium Quality and Transparency


Crafted with no additives and rigorously tested by third-party labs, Chronic THCa Disposable ensures purity and quality. Rest assured, it contains no PG/VG and is of dispensary grade, delivering a premium cannabis experience.




  • THCa: High-quality raw THCa extract offers potent effects without combustion.

  • HTE Full Spectrum Distillate: Captures the full spectrum of terpenes for unique aroma and flavor profiles.

  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes: Enhance the overall flavor and aroma, providing an authentic cannabis experience.


What is HTE?


HTE, or High Terpene Extract, focuses on preserving the full spectrum of terpenes found in cannabis. It captures the unique aroma and flavor profiles of specific cannabis strains, enriching your vaping experience with authentic flavors and effects.


Product Highlights:


  • Convenient and Discreet: Enjoy THC without the need for smoking, perfect for on-the-go use.

  • Easy-to-Use Battery: Features an easy-to-use battery for hassle-free vaping.

  • Sleek Design: The sleek design makes it suitable for both novice and experienced THC consumers.


Elevate your cannabis experience today with Chronic THCa Disposable by Chronic Hemp. Immerse yourself in flavorful bliss and embrace the true essence of THC vaping.

Chronic THCa Disposable by Chronic Hemp