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Utoya Non Alcohol Cannabis Cocktails


These alchohol-free drinks are better than ever in these alcohol-themed beverages! They taste amazing, with just the slightest after-taste that dissipates within a few moments. It’s a significant change in both size and taste but the euphoria is just as good and better!

These Cocktails are a Non-Alcoholic Beverage cannabinoid-infused for those who want to get lifted from their drink instead of drunk! There is no alcohol in these drinks whatsoever, and they taste amazing, feel great, and are still true to the delicious flavors that many people know and enjoy when they go out for a nice cocktail!

  • No Alcohol

  • Third-Party Lab-Tested

  • 2018 Hemp Farm Bill Compliant

  • Contains Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by Volume (70mg in 1 8-ounce drink)

  • 8 Oz Bottles


Utoya Non Alcohol Cannabis Cocktails

SKU: SKU 232578