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Ooze Fusion Vaporizer


Perfectly fuses together the capabilities of both a wax pen for concentrates and a vape pen for oil cartridges. This device was designed with concentrates in mind. The Fusion kit includes three different coil styles, so you can choose the type that performs the best with whatever form of concentrate you're looking to dab.






Screw the coil onto the 650 mAh battery and attach the discreet reaction chamber with the mouthpiece on top. This reaction chamber provides space to milk the hit to create much larger clouds and allow you to inhale more vapor in a single take. The screen between the mouthpiece and the reaction chamber acts as a barrier to prevent any hot globs of wax from being inhaled or burning your lips.






The Fusion can also be used with pre-filled 510 thread oil, extract, essential oil, and delta 8 cartridges. This is a super versatile kit that is a perfect Fusion of both a standard vaporizer battery and a full wax pen kit. The fusion is sure to impress.




Ooze Fusion Vaporizer

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