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The Zombi Extrax Collection is an exclusive collaboration between Delta Extrax and Zombi, bringing you the ultimate blend of innovative cannabinoids and premium strains. This collection features the groundbreaking Blackout Blend, combining Delta 8 THC (Vapes), Delta 9 THC (Edibles), PHC, Delta 10 THC, THC-X, THC-B, THC-P, and Live Resin (Edibles), along with Oleo Resin (Vapes). Each product in this collection promises a unique and elevated experience.


The Blackout Blend: A Unique Cannabinoid Experience


The Blackout Blend is an exclusive formulation that sets a new standard in the world of cannabinoids. This blend includes:


  • Delta 8 THC (Vapes)

  • Delta 9 THC (Edibles)

  • PHC

  • Delta 10 THC

  • THC-X

  • THC-B

  • THC-P

  • Live Resin (Edibles)

  • Oleo Resin (Vapes)


This powerful combination ensures a diverse and potent experience, catering to both vape and edible enthusiasts.


Strains and Flavors


Green Dream


The Green Dream strain is a dreamy Sativa with a lemony, floral essence that feels like a haze. This strain offers a broad, wide-awake aspect that challenges everything you know about Sativa strains. Perfect for those seeking an uplifting and invigorating experience.


  • Type: Sativa

  • Flavor: Lemony, floral essence

  • Experience: Uplifting, invigorating


Orange Diesel


Orange Diesel is a delightful Hybrid strain combining the sweet flavor of orange with a diesel-like aroma. This strain provides a balanced experience, ensuring you don’t experience a one-sided effect but rather a harmonious blend of flavors and effects.


  • Type: Hybrid

  • Flavor: Sweet orange with diesel-like aroma

  • Experience: Balanced, flavorful


Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush is an Indica-packed strain with a sweet lemon citrus flavor that is well-balanced and not too overwhelming. Expect the natural Kush flavors to sneak up on you, providing a delightful and relaxing experience perfect for unwinding.


  • Type: Indica

  • Flavor: Sweet lemon citrus

  • Experience: Relaxing, well-balanced


Why Choose the Zombi Extrax Collection?


The Zombi Extrax Collection stands out for its innovative Blackout Blend, premium quality, and unique strains. Whether you're looking for a vape or an edible, this collection offers something for everyone, ensuring a top-tier cannabis experience.


  • Innovative Blackout Blend: Unique combination of multiple cannabinoids

  • Premium Quality: High standards in formulation and production

  • Unique Strains: Diverse and flavorful options for different preferences


Experience the revolution in cannabis with the Zombi Extrax Collection. With its exclusive Blackout Blend and premium strains, this collection offers an unparalleled experience for both vape and edible enthusiasts. Try the Green Dream, Orange Diesel, and Lemon Kush strains today and elevate your cannabis journey.


  • Exclusive collaboration between Delta Extrax and Zombi

  • Unique and powerful Blackout Blend

  • Premium strains with distinct flavors and effects


Elevate your experience with the Zombi Extrax Collection today!

Zombi Extrax Blackout Blend

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