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Explore a new realm of euphoria with Utoya Entourage THC vape products, meticulously crafted to deliver an authentic and exhilarating experience. Our products feature a unique blend of cannabinoids and live-resin cannabis-derived terpenes, ensuring true-to-the-plant flavors and unparalleled euphoric coordination.




Experience the uplifting effects of our Sativa+ blend, featuring THCA, Delta 8, HHC, THCH, and THCJD. Embrace a sense of energy and creativity with every puff.




Find the perfect balance between relaxation and euphoria with our Hybrid+ blend, containing THCA, Delta 8, HHC, and THCJD. Enjoy a harmonious blend of effects suitable for any occasion.




Indulge in deep relaxation and tranquility with our Indica+ blend, infused with THCA, Delta 8, HHC, and THCP. Unwind and melt away stress with every inhale.


Live-Resin Cannabis-Derived Terpenes


At Utoya Entourage, we only use the finest live-resin, flash-frozen terpenes derived from cannabis plants. This ensures an authentic flavor profile and euphoric coordination that can only be achieved with cannabis-derived terpenes.


Why Choose Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?


Our products feature cannabis-derived terpenes, ensuring a true-to-the-plant flavor experience. Unlike botanical terpenes sourced from various plants, fruits, and flowers, live-resin terpenes originate from cannabis plants, providing an authentic and immersive vaping experience.


Experience the true essence of cannabis with Utoya Entourage THC vape products. Elevate your senses and embrace euphoria like never before.

Utoya Entourage THCa Disposable 2g

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$24.75Sale Price