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URB D8 THC Chocolate


The URB Delta 8 Chocolate Bar is phenomenally potent and taste amazing. The Urb brand is well known for manufacturing some of the best tasting and strongest hemp derived products. These chocolate bars are available in different flavors, you are guaranteed to find one that you will love.

Each chocolate bar contains a total of 300mg of pure and potent delta-8 THC. Easily breaks into twelve pieces (25 mg per piece) and is perfectly sized for accurate dosing and satisfying your sweet tooth.



  • Milk Chocolate- perfect for those who enjoy the classic flavor of milk chocolate. Our dark chocolate has rich flavors and is a true indulgence for any chocolate lover.

  • Rainbow Rocks- In the mood for white chocolate filled with sweetened cereal pieces? Rainbow rocks is the choice for you.

  • Cookies n Crème- The perfect mashup. Chocolate cookies and vanilla crème flavoring create this iconic flavor.



URB D8 THC Chocolate

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