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Maximize your cannabis experience with Modus Maxed Out D9 THC CBD GUMMIES, your new favorite cannabinoid infused treat that is as delicious as it is potent. Modus have taken the concept of being "maxed out" to a whole new level, delivering a product that pushes the boundaries of flavor and relaxation.

These Maxed Out Delta 9 CBD Gummies uphold the Modus Standard, meaning you can indulge with confidence knowing that you're getting a premium product that's backed by rigorous testing and quality assurance guidelines. So why settle for ordinary when you can go for the max? Elevate your cannabis experience with Maxed Out Delta 9 CBD Gummies and discover what it means to truly relax.

Product Features
- Ingredients: Delta 9 THC, CBD
- Strength: 1000mg blend per bag, 20mg Delta 9 / 30mg CBD per gummy.
- Size: Each bag contains 20 gummies. 
- Made With US-Grown Hemp
- Third-Party Lab Tested

Modus Maxed Out D9 THC CBD Gummies


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