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Mike Tyson Rolling Papers x Futurola


Tyson Ranch products have seen huge success due to their amazing partnership between the kings of pre-roll, Futurola and the king himself, Mike Tyson. Tyson Ranch is dedicated to providing the highest quality roll your own products including these king size slim rolling papers that come packaged with perforated tips included.

Roll like the king himself with Tyson Ranch King Sized Slim rolling papers. These high quality, Dutch brown, unbleached rolling papers measure 108mm x 44mm each and can hold approximately one gram of your favorite herb. Tear off one of the included perforated tips and roll it up before rolling your paper to create a barrier to catch any unwanted debris and help keep the structure of your joint.

  • Futurola x Tyson Ranch Collaboration

  • Dutch Brown Rolling Papers

  • Includes Perforated Rolling Tips

  • Unbleached, Chlorine-Free Rolling Papers


Mike Tyson Rolling Papers x Futurola

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