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Litto THCa Diamond Encrusted PreRolls : Pack of 6 Mini Pre-Rolls, Each preroll is a masterpiece delicately encrusted with THCA diamond dust.


Jack Herer : Feel the effects of LITTO Hemp's Jack Herer Diamond Encrusted preroll, as influential as the wildly popular cannabis activist its named after! These pre-rolls are packed to the brim with a Sativa blend of premium flower and coated with diamonds, sure to help you power through the day!


Sour Diesel : Enter euphoria with LITTO Hemp's Sour Diesel Diamond Encrusted preroll, packed with the finest hemp flower, and coated with a diamond-like shine, these pre-rolls bring luxury to the next level! Enjoy a Sativa-driven burst of energy with rich, pungent aromas and flavors. This Sativa strain is perfect for those who are looking for an elevated state of mind and increased energy.