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Delta Extrax HXY-11THC + D8 + D10 Hemp Flower


Introducing the Delta Extrax HXY-11THC Flower, a premium blend of Delta 8, Delta 10 and hemp flower.  Guaranteed to take your smoking experience to a whole new level. Get ready to blast off into outer space with the Delta Extrax HXY-11THC Flower, available at our smoke shop

Space Candy:might be enough to send you into hyper drive. This out of this world Hybrid strain includes notes of candied apples, sweet cherry, and subtle notes of a Hemp flavor.

Rainbow Runtz: This strain has notes of berries and a subtle taste of natural Hemp flavor. Other flavors include hints of pear, peach, and vanilla.

Blue dream : This strain also goes by the name Azure Haze, and is most commonly known for its Sativa traits.

It gets its name from the fact that its origins are unknown; therefore, it must have been a dream. You can expect a sweet berry-like flavor from this strain.

Strawberry Lemonade : is an intense Sativa dominant strain that stays true to form. It has tangy aromas that taste, as the name suggests.

If you’re a fan of sweet strains that are more uplifting, you’ll love this Hemp flower.

Lemon Meringue : strain gets its name from the citrus and nutty flavor profile. In addition to its rich flavor, Lemon Meringue is most known for its uplifting and euphoric traits.

Delta Extrax HXY-11THC Flower

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