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Break free from the ordinary and embrace the future of cannabis with 3chi True Strains THC Premium 2g Vape Pods. Crafted with over 40 cannabinoids, these pods promise an unparalleled blend of potency, consistency, and effects.


Discover Your True Strain


Step into the world of True Strains and explore a spectrum of effects tailored to your preferences. Whether you seek productivity, creativity, relaxation, or tranquility, there's a True Strain for you.


Product Details:


Premium Design:


  • Premium ceramic core pod with 2 ml capacity

  • Compatible with 3CHI pod system for seamless vaping experience

Unique Formulation:


  • Type: Broad-spectrum oil and natural terpenes

  • Total Oil: 2 ml

  • Original Extraction Material: Hemp

True Strain Options:


Full Throttle:


  • Experience a heavily HHC-dominant Sativa blend, offering an energetic acceleration into a day of productivity and euphoria, with minimized paranoia.



  • Propel yourself into a day of creativity and fun with this potent HHC-dominant Sativa, delivering consistent and complex effects for an enhanced vaping experience.

Cruise Control:


  • Achieve balance with this wonderfully crafted Hybrid blend, designed to soothe your mind and body into a state of calm autopilot, offering a wide range of effects for a satisfying vaping session.



  • Indulge in a Delta 8 THC and CBN-dominant Indica blend, perfect for unwinding and experiencing a calming effect without the hassle of reheating, ensuring consistency and complexity in every puff.

Elevate your vaping game and unlock the true potential of cannabis with 3chi True Strains THC Premium 2g Vape Pods.

3chi True Strains THC Premium 2gram Vape Pods

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